Our Saviour holds dedication, blessing ceremony for new grade school

By Gary Scott on January 26, 2018 at 11:12am

After months of construction, Our Saviour’s School held a blessing and dedication for their new grade school facility this morning.

Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki led the blessing and dedication ceremony with several prayers and a blessing ritual just inside of the new facility’s entrance.

Joining in the celebratory event was Routt Principal Nick Roscetti, who says it’s encouraging to have Bishop Propracki attendance and support today.

“A Catholic education, when the Bishop comes, it is a big deal. We see him at very important masses and celebrations, so to know that we have his support and  the support of the diocese is very important. We feel that Catholic education is still strong in Jacksonville, and we believe that this shows that the community also has great faith in us to provide a quality education,” says Roscetti.

While Roscetti serves as the principal of Routt Catholic High School, he says any time there are upgrades to the Our Saviour’s facilities, it has a positive effect on the entire Routt and OSS community.

“From our point of view at Routt we’re very excited because Our Saviour’s and Routt work very close together, and any time we see growth in Our Saviour’s, we know that that’s hopefully going to be growth for (Routt) down the line. It’s great to be able to share in their celebration. A lot of people put in a lot of hard work to make this happen, and as Father said, it was a dream and now it’s a reality, and it was the whole schools community and the parish that made this day happen,” Roscetti says.

A number of local officials were in attendance for the ceremony and ribbon-cutting, including Jacksonville Mayor Andy Ezard and Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce President Lisa Musch.