Overview of Election results for several area races

By Gary Scott on April 5, 2017 at 7:42am

The results are finally in for Spring Election Day 2017, and area residents will see both new and old faces in various positions.

The tightest municipal race came with the South Jacksonville Village President campaign. Unofficial numbers indicate that Harry Jennings narrowly defeated Dani Glascock by a mere 12 votes, 332 to 320.

As for the most significant proposition in regards to school districts, that was the approval of 2.5-million dollars in school building bonds to Franklin School District #1. The proposal passed with just over 280 votes for yes, and just shy of 190 votes for no, and will allow the Franklin School District to make additional improvements to district buildings and facilities.

Franklin Superintendent Andy Stremlau released a statement, saying he is “humbled by the passage of our Franklin tax referendum” and that it is a “validation of the great community support from the taxpayers of Franklin, Alexander, and Nortonville.” Stremlau says the referendum will “allow the district to provide a state of the art learning environment for 3rd through 5th grades; as well as provide a gym suitable for P.E. and recess for our Pre-K through 5 students.”

The City of Jacksonville has two significant aldermanic races yesterday. The first dealt with the aldermanic position for Jacksonville’s Ward One, between Eren Williams and incumbent Jeff Hopkins. It was Hopkins coming out on top in a fairly-contested race, 60-46.

The second aldermanic race in the city involved the position for Jacksonville’s Ward Four. In the end, it was the incumbent Aaron Scott who ran away with it, grabbing 200 votes over his opponent Lance Bruere’s 54 total votes.

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