Owner of Greene Co. plant speaks out against shutdown

By Gary Scott on July 24, 2014 at 1:01pm

The owner of a Greene County food processing plant that was ordered by the state to close its doors for repeated health violations says he’ll appeal the decision.

Parks Locker Service of Greenfield was ordered to close following a July 16th administrative hearing at the Illinois Department of Agriculture building in Springfield. The plant was cited for repeated violations of the Illinois Meat and Poultry Inspection Act and had its license revoked.

Kenny Hunt, the owner of the business, disputes the findings.

“They painted a very bleak picture of the sanitation of this plant that I take offense with because we have never put out a product that I wouldn’t eat myself,” says Hunt.

“Many of the noncompliance had nothing to do with the sanitation of meat. We clean the plant everyday and have to look our customers in the face. If we do a bad job on stuff like that, they wouldn’t be coming back.”

Department meat and poultry inspectors found 136 violations in the facility from March 24th to June 17th.

Officials say unsanitary conditions included water dripping onto meat rails, rust on meat hooks, peeling paint on walls and ceiling in places where meat was stored and holes in the floors, walls and doors.

“As for some of those violations, one of those that comes to mind is there were flies behind the deep freeze in the office and the office isn’t anywhere around the meat,” says Hunt.

“The rusty meat hooks were always cleaned and oiled before they were used. It seemed like I was following codes. I wasn’t in business for 30 years not following codes and they made the statement of unwilling or ignored inspectors on their request and that is not true either.

Parks Locker Service employed five people.