Passavant elects three news members to Board of Directors

By Gary Scott on October 12, 2018 at 9:14am

Three new members were elected to the Passavant Hospital’s Board of Directors during last night’s annual Board of Governors meeting at Hamilton’s.

Maryjane Million, Stephen Symons and Brad Wilson were all elected to the Passavant Area Hospital Board of Directors at last night’s meeting. Dozens of people gathered for the event last night at Hamilton’s in downtown Jacksonville. All three of the newly elected members will serve four-year terms. They are replacing Board members Donald Headen, Gilbert Joehl and Phyllis Lape, PhD.

Speaking at last night’s meeting was President and CEO of Passavant Area Hospital Harry Schmidt, who explains the purpose of the annual Board of Governors meeting.

“It’s really great for us to have that community involvement and community oversight because, first of all, obviously it keeps us on track with the purpose and our mission to improve the health of the members of the community we serve,  plus it allows them to participate in the governance of their local community hospital. One of their responsibilities is to develop and nominate the slate of new directors for the Board of Directors for the 2019 period. We’ve got three vacancies that they went through a process with the nominating committee to develop the slate, and tonight those governors will approve that slate to forward to the Board of Directors for approval, then finally at the Memorial Health System corporate meeting in January,” says Schmidt.

Schmidt also discusses the three new Board members and what they bring to the table.

“What we try to do is make sure that we get a broad cross-section of stakeholders, so we want to have representation from the various communities, whether it’s the agricultural community, if we’ve got somebody in education, if we’ve got somebody in the various service industries in the community so that we’ve got a nice reflection of the need. Brad Wilson is a local attorney here in town. Maryjane Million works in the education industry, so she can give us that perspective, and finally, Steve Symons, who works in the insurance industry,” Schmidt says.

Other members of the Passavant Board of Directors include: Reginald Benton, Keith Bradbury, Ginny Fanning, Barbara Farley, PhD; Daniel Hallam, PhD, MD; James Hinchen, MD; Greg Lepper; Peter Russotto, DPM; Gary Scott; Nancy Spangenberg; Kelly Staake and Thomas Veith.