Passavant Foundation raises $5-million in 2015

By Ryne Turke on January 19, 2016 at 1:00pm

2015 was a banner year for the Passavant Area Hospital Foundation.

Foundation member Pam Martin appeared on WLDS’ “AM-Conversation” on Tuesday and stated $5.1 million was raised for the hospital. A large chunk of those donations can be attributed to Howard and Vera Million.

“You may recall they gave a farm in Scott County spanning 320 acres, plus one-million for our behavioral health unit at the hospital.”

Martin noted the hospital is experiencing “momentum” because of the great things going on at Passavant.

“Our leaders have looked at the community to see the needs. More and more we are getting additional diagnostic ability, increasing access to service. Now people don’t have to drive outside of the community. They can get their health care needs met here. People see their gifts put into action and that is what pleases a donor.”

Passavant has been the beneficiary of great generosity from the agriculture community. The hospital currently oversees 4,000 acres and the grain sold from those farms benefits the hospital.

Over the past year, Passvant has remodeled the Cardiac Rehab and Transitional Care Units.

Remodeling patient rooms, opening a behavioral health unit and adding patient services like inpatient dialysis and the heart failure management clinic are all on the schedule for 2016.

Correction made to this article: it originally said the Millions donated 21 acres in Scott County to Passavant. That number has been adjusted.