Passavant gift consists of money, farmland from Million estate

By Gary Scott on May 19, 2015 at 1:24pm

Passavant Area Hospital is receiving over $4.5 million gifts from an estate.

The hospital foundation announced at a press conference this morning two gifts from the estate of Howard and Vera Million. Most recently, donations from the estate have been made to District 117 and Jacksonville’s three colleges.

The first gift is 320 acres of farmland appraised at over $3.5 million, donated to the hospital foundation last year. The Passavant Foundation now owns or is the trust beneficiary of over 4-thousand acres of farmland.

Annual income from the Passavant Farms goes towards things like nursing scholarships or patient financial assistance.

The second gift is a million-dollar donation designated for the hospital’s new inpatient psychiatric unit, construction of which is scheduled to begin soon.

Frank Cummings is the nephew of Howard Million. He’s the executor of his estate, as well as a member of the Passavant Foundation board.

“I believe that Howard wanted to have this as part of his legacy. He also wanted it to be [very charitable to] the schools, the local schools, colleges. Those institutions and the hospital will be the beneficiary both of his estate.”

Passavant President and CEO Doug Rahn calls the gifts “tremendous.”

“It means that we’ll be able to continue to invest in the services that are offered to our community. There are a lot of different programs that are not as well-funded as they should be by the state and federal governments, and these types of gifts will allow us to continue to meet those needs,” says Rahn.

“We were excited that the Million family has that trust in Passavant Area Hospital. We were excited about the opportunity to grow services, particularly in psychiatry, because I think most of us know psychiatry is underfunded in this state and in this country. So, this donation will go a long way to helping us provide those services,” he adds.

The psychiatric unit is slated to open next summer on the hospital’s third floor.

The Millions farmed their entire lives in Greene, Scott and Morgan Counties. Howard Million was also the founder and president of the former Roodhouse Savings and Loan Association.