Passavant Hospital announces Acquisition of Physical Therapists Clinic Ltd.

By Gary Scott on January 26, 2017 at 10:14am

Passavant Area Hospital is announcing the acquisition of a new rehabilitation therapy business with locations in Morgan and Cass Counties.

Currently located in Jacksonville and Beardstown, Physical Therapists Clinic Ltd. will become part of Passavant Rehabilitation Services as of February 1st.

Passavant’s Director of Rehabilitation Services Trevor Huffman says the merger will expand the services each location will be able to provide.

“Right now, both of those locations in Jacksonville and in Beardstown, they have just physical therapists. Now, with the rehab services out at the hospital, we have physical therapy, occupational therapy…there’s a lot of different aspects that we do. Those two locations over the past several years have always kind of concentrated on just physical therapy, but we’re going to try to combine things and expand services in all the locations,” says Huffman.

Curt Keim, the owner of Physical Therapists Clinic Ltd., mentioned in a press release that his career started at Passavant, and that he’s excited about the transition.

In terms of staffing, Huffman says Passavant is looking to bring on additional physical therapists at both locations.

“We’ve got plenty of work for everybody and then some. We’re actually starting to recruit some more physical therapists and physical therapists assistants. We’ve been growing and growing and it’s just another opportunity, and the more staff we get, I feel like the better we can meet the needs of the community, so that’s what we’re going to continue to focus on and try to accomplish,” Huffman explains.

Huffman says there won’t be much change for Passavant’s current physical therapy patients.

“For current patients, they shouldn’t expect to see a lot of change. They’ll continue to see their clinicians that they’re used to seeing and having their services met. We’ll gradually add more resources from the hospital (in Beardstown). But the patients we currently have right now should be able to continue to receive the same great care,” says Huffman.

Both locations will take on new names as part of the change. The Jacksonville facility will become Passavant Rehab Clinic-Jacksonville, and the Beardstown facility will become Passavant Rehab Clinic-Beardstown.