Passavant Hospital offering free colorectoral cancer screening kits

By Benjamin Cox on March 29, 2018 at 10:14am

The older someone gets, the more a person should take care of themselves. Passavant Area Hospital is hosting two different times to pick up a free Colorectal Cancer Screening kits. Someone will take home a kit and return to the hospital with a small stool sample. The screening kit will help to provide to determine if someone needs a colonoscopy.

Dr. Abigail White joined our WLDS “AM Conversation” on Wednesday to speak about how seriousness of colon cancer.

“Colonrectal cancer is something everyone is at risk for and it will effect approximately 1 in 24 women and 1 in 22 men.The risk factors are the western diet, also family history. Those who are diagnosed will not have a family and it really is something that can touch each of our lives.” said Dr. White.

Anyone 50 or older should have a colonoscopy. According to If someone in your immediate family has had the disease, it is suggested you should get screened at the age of 40.

Dr. White breaks down what you can do to avoid colon cancer.

“Most important anyone can do is to get a screening but also adding fruits and vegetables to their diet, having a good amount of dietary calcium. Certainly avoiding smoking and alcohol, that contributes to colon cancer. The last thing we can do is have an active lifestyle and avoid obesity and central obesity. Each of those increases our chances by 25% – 50%.” Dr. White said.

Dr. White explains the kits that you may pick up from Passavant Hospital.

“Nothing is perfect and that is an important part of screening however most of the studies show that these tests show about 75%-85% colon cancer and polyps. Some of the positive tests are false positives but it really is the best bet we have at this point in time to help identify people who are at risk of colonrectal cancer and certainly better than not getting screening at all.” explained Dr. White.

You may pick up your screening kit at Passavant Area Hospital from 9-11am. For more information, call 217-479-5800.