Passavant Hospital teams up with local schools to promote healthy eating in Jacksonville youths

By Gary Scott on April 3, 2018 at 6:47am

Local schools both public and private are collaborating with a local hospital to promote healthy eating habits for area youth.

Karen Sibert and Becca Greenann with Passavant Area Hospital made a visit to Lincoln Elementary School in Jacksonville along with health and physical education teacher Jonathan Zang. Here, they presented a program about healthy food choices to Lincoln’s fifth grade students as part of a recent collaboration between Passavant and the teachers and parents of Jacksonville School District 117 and Our Saviour’s Schools.

Through this collaboration, representatives from Passavant, such as Sibert and Greenann, are visiting schools throughout Jacksonville, offering information on health-related topics, such as screen time, as well as activity and nutrition.

The goal of these visits is to grow and strengthen health and nutrition-related programs using the evidence-based and family-based 5210 model. The 5210 model is built around encouraging kids to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables, allow themselves no more than two hours of screen time, make time for at least one hour of activity, and consume zero sugar-sweetened beverages each day.