Passavant provides update on new psychiatric unit

By Ryne Turke on August 18, 2015 at 12:23pm

Dr. Pravesh Basnet provided the latest update on Passavant Area Hospital’s new inpatient psychiatric unit on WLDS’ “AM-Conversation” this morning.

In May, the Passavant Hospital Foundation received a million-dollar donation from the estate of Howard and Vera Million, designated for the psychiatric unit’s expenses.

Basnet says the Center for Psychiatric Services, located within the campus building at Passavant, has received “a lot of growth.”

“When I started last year, I was the only practicing psychiatrist in Jacksonville. We have added another psychiatrist recently, because there is so much need,” says Basnet.

Basnet says Passavant’s mission is to welcome anyone in need of assistance, regardless of age.

“My youngest patient is two and the oldest is 93. Kids come with ADHD, anxiety and autism. There are more psychological issues during pregnancy and senior citizens with dementia. There are all kinds of people,” says Basnet.

According to Basnet, the psychiatric staff has nearly doubled in the past year. Basnet feels that is because Jacksonville patients are “more open” to receiving psychiatric help and that is a good thing.

“In a few months we will be doubling our office space, because we need to have more people. We are building our inpatient, which will be ready to go in spring of 2016. We have other plans of working with the community, because there is so much need and more services are needed,” says Basnet.

The 10-bed inpatient area will be located on the third floor at Passavant.

To listen to the full interview with Basnet, click below.