Pay for elected officials, park beautification to be discussed at South Jax meetings

By Gary Scott on August 23, 2018 at 7:48am

Park beautification, pay for elected officials and a review of Village codes are all on the table for a pair of South Jacksonville meetings.

The South Jacksonville Board of Trustees will meet for two Committee of the Whole meetings tonight to discuss a number of topics. The first of the two meetings starts at 5:30 p.m. and has just one item listed on the agenda. That lone item for meeting number one is codification review, where Trustees will look over various Village codes.

For the second committee of the whole meeting, scheduled to start at 6:30, the Board of Trustees will hear reports from several committees, including Parks and Tourism, Personnel, Finance and Planning and Public Facilities. Under the Parks and Tourism report, Trustees will discuss the 5K/Parade Tourism Grant, go over how things went at this year’s South Jacksonville Celebration, have talks regarding a Village billboard, and finally, they will hear from the subcommittee on the Beautification of Village Parks.

The Personnel Committee will bring forth a pair of discussion items. Among them is the amount of pay there should be for the Village’s elected officials. The other item under personnel is in regards to a day of training for the Illinois Municipal League, or IML Conference. Talks about making a reservation to the Illinois Municipal League, as well as an IT proposal find their way onto the agenda under Finance Committee reports. And under Planning and Public Facilities, Village Trustees will receive an update on the lift station, and discuss the lift station pump.

All of tonight’s action takes place in the board room at Village Hall, located at 301 Dewey Drive, starting at 5:30.