Pilot Club of Jacksonville happy to be able to provide Concerts in the Park series

By Gary Scott on August 6, 2017 at 10:38am

There isn’t much better than music in the open air with friends and family on a Sunday evening. That’s exactly what one local organization has been providing for years.

Every summer the Pilot Club of Jacksonville puts on its annual Concert in the Park series at Jacksonville’s Community Park.

Vickie Austin, chair of the Pilot Club’s Concert in the Park committee, said the series works so well for the community because so many groups in this area are willing to give their time and talents to help the community every Sunday evening at 6:00.

“People come out to Community Park and listen to an hour of music and enjoy themselves, all for free.”

Austin said she appreciates all of the bands that play as part of the series.

“Many of the groups or the singers have been doing this long than I have been in the Pilot Club. They are always kind enough for us to call in the spring and ask if they will participate again. Sometimes if we have a gap to fill they will have a suggestion of someone else to come and sing. A lot of (the music) is gospel, but we have other groups too. It’s more or less the same people every year (and) out of the goodness of their heart they come and help us.”

This week’s performers are Mark and Pam Fisher. More information is available on the Pilot Club of Jacksonville Facebook page, or you can e-mail harney-allen3@msn.com.