PORTA and A-C Central agree on academic/sports co-op

By Ryne Turke on February 27, 2015 at 1:03pm

A-C Central and PORTA have come to an agreement on a sports and academic co-op.

The decision became final during the monthly school board meeting between the districts on February 18.

The co-op was overwhelmingly approved, with A-C Central voting 6-0 and PORTA voting 5-1-1.

PORTA Superintendent Matt Brue explains why the majority of board members were in favor of the co-op deal.

“I think in the long run everyone understands that districts like ours are not growing by any means. Small districts have difficult times dealing with the state’s financial woes,” says Brue.

“The only way we will be able to insure that our students succeed in the classroom and on the floor and field is to share. We need to be in a position to maximize our dollars and be as efficient as possible.”

Brue says after multiple meetings of ironing out issues, it feels good to have both schools come to an agreement.

“Sharing courses was something both districts wanted to do and so we started developing a plan to do that,” says Brue.

“At the same time, we started looking at our sports co-op. Basically both sides decided it was a great opportunity for both districts. We really look forward to the opportunity of sharing classes together.”

PORTA and A-C Central have been adding courses this school year. Brue says the districts are excited about the opportunity to send students from school-to-school for an experience they weren’t getting before.

According to Brue, the terms of the athletic co-op will virtually remain the same as they have been over the last four years.

The co-op agreement will run for two years and begin next school year.