Prairie Land Heritage Museum Now Taking Items for Annual Consignment Auction

By Jeremy Coumbes on March 6, 2020 at 8:20pm

The Prairie Land Heritage Museum is accepting entries for the annual consignment auction, and promoters of the event say there is no time to waste to get items listed in the sale.

This is the 16th year the Prairie Land Institute has held the consignment auction on museum grounds. Hank Pool, Sale Chairman for the auction, visited the What’s On Your Mind Studio this week and explained just what a consignment auction entails.

That means if you got something you don’t need and you want to sell it. Bring it out to us and we will sell it. It won’t cost you anything for advertisement, we will advertise stuff. Just bring it in, we will have a group in the meeting room there to check it in. They will give you numbers, and we will put numbers on each item. So, that item belongs to Hank Pool or whoever it is for example. We will sell that item, and we will get a commission for selling it, and then Hank Pool will get a check sent in the mail.”

All proceeds from the sale commissions go to the Prairie Land Heritage Museum Institute to help continue programs and operation of the non profit museum.

Pool says that the commission structure can be different depending on the type of item that is listed, but that the intent is to keep the commission to the museum fair while making sure the seller receives as much as possible from the sale of their item.

The commission will vary from how much it brings, to where it’s at. If it’s a $25.00 item or something like that, it’s a higher percent of commission. If it’s a $5,000.00 item then it’s a much lower percent of commission. So it varies by what the person brings.”

Pool says that there is more than just farm machinery each year at the consignment auction, as a wide variety of items are sold every year, especially a large number of household items.

The museum starts taking the items tomorrow (this) morning, and Pool says that they will have a number of people on hand to make the process as easy as possible, even for those who plan to attend the sale and possibly bid on something else.

We start taking items on the 6th from 9:00 in the morning to 6:00 at night, we will be there taking stuff. Logging it in and there will be people there to help you unload, or we will unload it for you if you can’t do it. We will take items all that week and then the Friday before the sale, the 13th, we will cut it off at 6:00 pm, no more, that’s it.

When we start taking items on the 6th and each day the following week, you can come and get a bid number right then. You don’t have to wait in line the Saturday morning of the sale to get a bid number.”

Items foe the sale can be dropped off and bid numbers can be picked up starting Friday March 6th, through Friday March 13th. The sale starts at 9:30 am on Saturday the 14th, with food service being available at 7:00 am.

To find out more information about the sale, go to their website at or call Hank Pool at 217-473-7431.

Items that will be sold at the consignment auction can be viewed on the website, and those wanting to list items can find information on how to get pictures of items listed for the sale.