Prairieland FS reveals propane-gasoline plans

By Gary Scott on December 10, 2015 at 1:03pm

Officials with Prairieland FS in Jacksonville are pushing the usage of propane as fuel for automobiles.

The company has purchased a 2016 F-250 Ford truck and plans to fit it with a bi-fuel conversion kit, which means it will take propane and gasoline.

Brad Blair is the energy operations manager for Prairieland FS.

“Basically, what they’re going to do is tie in to the manufacturer’s computer, and they’re going to put a separate fuel rail in. it’ll be the liquid propane direct injection,” explains Blair. “And then we’ll run through the OEM [Original Equipment Manufacturer] computer, so when it switches from propane to gasoline, there will be no noticeable difference in the operation of the vehicle at all,” he continues.

Prairieland FS Energy Marketing Manager Tonya Crow explains that propane is an alternative fuel that allows the company to be environmentally savvy.

“That’s also a product that we sell, and we firmly believe in the ability to do this. We have a very large fleet in Springfield that is running 64 cars and pickup trucks on propane auto gas, the City of Springfield. Their police department and their public works, they have some trucks from public works, and they’re using it with a lot of success,” says Crow.

“And as we continue along the path, we’re trying to show other fleets that this is something that can be cost-effective and better for the environment in the long run,” she adds.

Crow says a propane auto gas summit held over the summer included representatives from the City of Jacksonville.

She says there are no plans in the immediate future to include propane-based auto fuel at Fast Stop gas stations.