Prairieland United Way Hosting A Final Push With Live Remote with WLDS/WEAI At County Market

By Benjamin Cox on February 17, 2022 at 8:03am

The Prairieland United Way’s annual fundraising campaign is short of its goal by a significant amount.

Executive Director Karen Walker says the campaign is at 82% of its $460,000 goal. Walker says that Prairieland United Way will be partnering with WLDS/WEAI and County Market in hopes of filling the gap: “We are going to put together a weekend, last minute push to reach the goal. We will be out at County Market on Thursday, February 24th and then again on Friday and Saturday. We are fortunate that we are going to have a live remote out there with WLDS/WEAI to help us promote it and help us talk about why and what the need is. We are going to be joined by some of our past campaign chairs who are going to share some insight and share from their thoughts on how important it is to support the community.”

Walker is hopeful that small donations coupled with people who have not donated this year to the annual campaign will come out to the event. She stresses that all the money remains in the local area going to social service agencies and non-profit organizations who perform vital community services for the poor, elderly, and simply for those who need them. Walker says that Covid has once again hampered Prairieland’s ability to reach out to people this year: “I hope this will give us a chance to reach out and make sure everyone knows what we have going on and how important it is, and what is at stake if we don’t this goal…how many social services will be not funded and possible programs not being able to be offered to the community. It really is a big deal and something that we want to work hard to reach toward as much as we can to that goal.”

The live remote broadcast will be at County Market on Thursday, Feb. 24th from 1-4PM, with Prairieland United Way staying through Friday and Saturday in hopes of reaching this year’s goal.