Prairieland United Way making last month effort to campaign goal

By Benjamin Cox on February 6, 2018 at 2:47pm

It’s already February but it’s not too late to still donate to the 2017 Prairieland United Way campaign. The money raised will later be split up in March for various social agencies who are in need. Karen Walker is the Executive Director and she says they are nearing their $520,000 campaign goal.

“We are in the final weeks of that, we are about where we normally are this time of the year. Unfortunately I would like to say we already met our goal but it usually comes down to the wire. Typically we use the last two weeks to finish up our employee campaigns and reach out to the community who wants to give. It’s not too late to donate. Right now we are about 90% to our goal and we will work our hardest to the very last second to get that.” said Walker.

Walker says the Prairieland United Way has received more phone calls or people reaching during this campaign.

“Our employee campaigns, for the most part, we have seen an increase. Slight, not huge but slight. Really what one of the difficulties we face is obviously the economy and they can give and so, we appreciate that. It really comes down to some of the reductions with the workforce.” Walker continued,”We have had a few situations where maybe we are not reaching enough employees in the past with the employee campaigns so we are trying to reach out to individuals as well.”

The deadline is on February 28th but United Way won’t turn away any money that comes in by the end of that week. Walker says the reason for that is to start the deciding process.

“Have to take a look at all the number that go into the allocation process so then we can put together a plan before our first panel, our first panel is on March 13th. So that gives the board, little but of a window, not quite two weeks to get all of that preparation that needs to go into that process set up.” Walker said.

You may donate by sending a check to their Jacksonville office on 200 West Douglas Ave, or you can donate online by clicking here