Prairieland United Way Wrapping Up Chip In Campaign

By Benjamin Cox on February 7, 2017 at 12:00am

Prairieland United Way’s Chip in Campaign only has a few weeks left to hit the campaign goal. The 2016 Chip in Campaign kicked off in September and will run through the end of the month.

Bob and Janet Chipman, Co-Chairs of Prairieland United Way’s Chip in Campaign, joined WLDS’ What’s On Your Mind yesterday. Janet explains that they are close to hitting their goal.

“So we have a few weeks left to try to hit our goal. Currently we are at 92 percent. That is around $486,000 that has been contributed through business organizations, through employee campaigns, and individuals. We are pleased but we want 100 percent. Our goal for this years campaign, that was set by the United Way’s board of directors, is $530,000.”

Chipman explains where the donations go to and what they are used for.

“All of this money stays locally, providing critical social services for our community. Whether it is health related, education related, financial stability, many are food programs, currently there are 42 different programs and agencies that have received United Way funds. By chipping in you are making our community a better place.”

Chipman says that if you haven’t chipped in yet, there are a number of ways for you to donate.

“You can write a check and mail it directly to the United Way office at 200 West Douglas P.O. Box 244. We also have a Prairieland United way website and there is a donate button there. Also on the website you can see the list of agencies and programs that are supported, there are so many. We don’t mind if even somebody wants to give us a call, we’ll help out with that. Mailing it directly to the office or donating online are easy ways to make that happen.”

To hear the full conversation with the Chipmans click on the What’s On Your Mind Archive. To make an online donation to Prairieland United Way, click Here.