President Farley breaks down Illinois College/Lincoln Land partnership

By Ryne Turke on August 10, 2016 at 1:10pm

Illinois College President Dr. Barbara Farley hopes Tuesday’s educational agreement with Lincoln Land Community College is the first many future partnerships.

Starting this school year, elementary education majors who start at LLCC will be allowed to transfer to Illinois College and complete a bachelor’s degree in a total of four years.

“We’ve been in discussion with this partnership for over a year. It involves the faculty from our teacher preparation program and the provost office and admissions. This is just a good example of strategic partnerships in education. Illinois College is seeking many of these partnerships because we feel it is good for the students and good for both the institutions involved in the partnership,” says Farley.

Farley says the partnership will continue to boost Illinois College’s educational program. As for the students of Lincoln Land Community College…

“It is a chance to have a seamless transition to a transfer institution at Illinois College. They can begin to take courses at IC in the elementary education program before they even transfer here. They will pay the tuition price of Lincoln Land Community College while taking classes at Illinois College. They will have access to our faculty and early advising from our education faculty, so they are taking the right classes that is needed at Lincoln Land. They will be ready to begin their program once they transfer to IC.”

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