Project engineer discusses specifics of FutureGen roadwork

By Gary Scott on November 1, 2014 at 12:30pm

Officials are going into more detail about new activities about to get underway at the FutureGen storage site in Morgan County.

FutureGen plans to retrofit a former Ameren power plant in Meredosia and transfer liquid carbon dioxide to an underground storage site at a site in northeastern Morgan County.

David Wortman is the project engineer at Patrick Engineering, the project manager for the pipeline and storage site of the FutureGen project. He says the storage site part of the project is going to start construction in the next month.

Wortman talks about the activity taking place up and down Route 123 and on rural roads west of Route 123 between Ashland and Alexander.

“We’re going to be doing some road upgrades to some of the rural roads where the injection wells and monitoring wells will eventually be drilled. So we reached out to the neighbors but now we’re wanting to let the wider community know about some construction activity that’s going to be taking place.” Wortman says.

“We’ll be hauling in a lot of rock to build paths for drilling, and then sometime after the new year some big drill rigs will come in to drill a deep well.”

Wortman says that well will be similar to the one drilled in 2011.

He says there will be some road closures on smaller roads, and he says immediate neighbors and the two school districts in the area have been notified.

Wortman adds there will be an installation of a water line.

“For the drilling activity we need some large volumes of water for the drilling. So we have signed up for water service from North Morgan Water Co-Op. The Water Co-Op will be extending a line to provide water service to the drilling sites.” Wortman added.

“That’s also going to bring some water to residents in the area out there as well. But that will be happening in the second half of November, beginning of December, somewhere in that time frame.”

Activity has also been going on at the former Meredosia Ameren power plant.