Project updates offered to South Jax Board of Trustees

By Benjamin Cox on September 28, 2018 at 8:55am

Among other updates, Godfrey Park will close completely at the end of this weekend.

The South Jacksonville Board of Trustees met last night to offer trustees and village employees and officials the chance to offer updates on a few things before the monthly Board meeting next week.

Three committees all made announcements at last night’s committee of the whole session at Village Hall.

Stacy Pinkerton, chair of the Parks and Tourism committee, said Godfrey Park renovations will cause an earlier than usual closure of the Park.

“Godfrey Park will be closing October 1st for renovations. First thing is they will take the fence down and replace it. The celebration is coming together nicely. Folks will see clowns, craft shows, and live music, and also there will be a free burgoo. The only stipulation is that all of the burgoo served must be eaten at the celebration. There will be no take-home allowed.”

Superintendent of Village Public Works John Green explains that a water main debacle on Chilton was resolved.

“We had two houses on Chilton that were there before a water main was placed on Chilton. They had a two-inch galvanized line tapped off of Greenwood come all the way up, and off of that two houses were fed. It’s a private line, and it was leaking. We gave a notice to both homes that they were being given 30 days to tap onto the new line or respond as to why they would not. One house got connected, we tore out the street and opened the water main for them and they paid a separate contractor to connect it. The other house was a rental home, but the owners are no longer renting the house and are only using it for storage, so their side remains closed off from a water source, at the request of the homeowner.”

Village Fire Chief David Hickox also announced a proposed bid for about 30 new radios of different varieties.

“The Fire Department is going to be purchasing new radios for their system. There will be 12 Kenwood Digital Mobile radios for our fire units and ambulances. 21 Digital Portable radios will also be purchased, 18 for our firemen and three for supervisors. The total cost of this refurbishment of the South Jacksonville Fire Department communication system is $23,145. There was $25,000 included in the Fire Department’s part of the Village’s FY2019 budget for these radios, so I’m very happy that we were able to come in under budget and still get exactly what we need to operate most efficiently.”

The next South Jacksonville Board of Trustees meeting will be their regular first Thursday of every month full session on October 4th.