Provost says MacMurray choir will have financial support next semester

By Gary Scott on May 15, 2015 at 7:20am

Photo provided by MacMurray College.

After some uncertainty this year regarding the future of the MacMurray College Choir, school officials say it’s here to stay.

In an email sent out yesterday, MacMurray Provost Dr. James Maxwell assured that the choir will continue as a student organization in the upcoming fall semester, have a faculty advisor and the financial support of the Office of Student Life.

Maxwell says the group will still have the ability to hold concerts at MacMurray and in the community, go on performance trips and engage in any sort of musical experience.

The music minor was eliminated by a faculty committee earlier this year.

Maxwell says the advisor for the choir next year has not yet been selected, but students will be able to join the choir through the Office of Student Life in the fall. Maxwell noted in the press release that “music is a central part of the MacMurray tradition” and says it sets Mac apart from other schools.