Records: Heitbrink looking to get insurance to pay for wrongful death suit

By Gary Scott on April 11, 2016 at 7:20am

An insurance company is looking to exempt itself from reimbursing a Jacksonville man for costs associated with his murder conviction.

Litigation has been filed by attorneys representing the Cincinnati Insurance Company against Robert Heitbrink, convicted last October of stabbing William McElhaney, his former father-in-law, after a night of drinking at Heitbrink’s family home in 2013.

McElhaney’s wife, Connie, has filed a wrongful death civil suit against Heitbrink and is seeking damages in excess of $50,000.

The new litigation filed by the insurance company in federal court in Springfield indicates Heitbrink requested insurance coverage in response to the civil suit. It says a homeowners policy issued to the Heitbrinks was active when the murder happened.

According to the suit by the insurance company, Heitbrink requested over $75,000 in reimbursement costs in connection to the civil suit.

The company is disputing that Heitbrink is entitled to coverage under its policies, indicating the insurance policy does not cover “bodily injury” arising from a criminal act. It seeks a declaratory judgement regarding its obligations.