Red Kettle Campaign hopes to meet goal with strong finish

By Gary Scott on December 22, 2016 at 9:42am

Bells are still ringing around Jacksonville, and the Red Kettle campaign is hoping for a strong finish heading into Christmas weekend.

The Salvation Army’s Red Kettles will continue to collect donations through Christmas Eve. While the campaign is getting closer to its goal, Major Charles Pinkston says it will take a last-minute push to get there.

Pinkston says donations often increase the closer it gets to Christmas.

The Red Kettle campaign appears to be doing better than a year ago, when the campaign came up $77,000 short of its goal.

However, Pinkston told WLDS-WEAI News earlier this month that if the campaign falls short of this year’s goal, it could force them to look at reducing or eliminating programs and staff.

Red Kettles can be found at both doors of Wal-Mart, Midlands, JC Penneys, Shopko and Walgreens on Main and Morton. To donate online, click here.