Red, White and Brew at Morgan County Fair tonight

By Gary Scott on July 12, 2017 at 9:09am

The Morgan County Fair continues tonight with a unique event.

One of the events taking place at the fairgrounds is the second annual “Red, White and Brew” beer and wine tasting.

Mickey Marks with Golden Eagle Distributing and Marty Marr with the Morgan County Fair Board joined WLDS’ AM Conversation last week to discuss the event.

Marr says that there are plenty of other activities going on at the fair throughout the day, and explains what “Red, White and Brew” is all about.

“There’s a lot of things going on (today at the fair), all the way from livestock shows starting up and also a talent show and Chamber after hours leading up to our event. It’s really meant to be a nice social event for everybody to see old friends and hopefully make some new friends also,” says Marr.

Marks says that, after discussing it in the offseason, “Red, White and Brew” has expanded its variety this year.

“This year, we’re going from one winery to four. We’ve got three wineries that we handle and distribute locally, Grafton Winery, Hopewell Winery out of Summer Hill which is west of Pittsfield, and Spirit Knob out of Ursa, which is north of Quincy. Then one more that we don’t handle or distribute for, West of Wise which is out of Petersburg,” Marks explains.

Marks explains that they’ve also expanded their beer samplings for this year’s event.

“On the beer side, we represent a craft brewery out of Peoria called Peoria Brewery. These guys make all kinds of cool beers, really rotating new beers in and out. We’re going to bring probably three beers in to sample and also to sell,” says Marks.

Area residents can hear musical entertainment from the Debbie Ross Band at tonight’s event. Prices are $5 for two samples and a commemorative glass, and one dollar for additional samples. “Red White and Brews” will run from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Morgan County Fair Pavilion.