Reminder for Halloween: check sex offender site to see which Jax homes to avoid

By Gary Scott on October 30, 2015 at 7:25am

Jacksonville Police are reminding parents to watch out for homes lived in by registered sex offenders when their children are out trick-or-treating this weekend.

According to the Illinois Sex Offender Registry, there are currently 31 registered sex offenders living in Jacksonville, defined as people who have been convicted of committing a sex crime such as aggravated criminal sexual abuse or assault.

You can simply Google “Illinois Sex Offender Registry” to come up with the list; you can go by name, city or zip code.

“Just keep in mind this is not fool-proof. There are people that are out there that are still predators. The site is just for those people that have been caught and prosecuted and are ordered to register,” says Jacksonville Police Lieutenant Chris Johnson.

“So, what we would recommend with parents out there is, if you feel funny about something, if you’re instincts are kicking in, something just doesn’t seem right about this person that’s trying to talk to my child, just pleasantly and politely go and remove your children from that area. If you have to be downright rude, just me personally, if I have to be rude to somebody for the safety of my children, I have no problem doing that,” he adds.

There are certain things sex offenders are prohibited from doing, says Johnson.

“I believe they cannot host a trick-or-treating site, meaning they cannot have their light on saying, “come on up to my door, you’re welcome to come here to trick-or-treat, I have plenty of candy.”

You can also visit the website for more information on this topic.