Reminders for dropping off, picking up students from JMS as construction continues

By Gary Scott on August 16, 2017 at 7:05am

Summer break is officially over and students are heading back to school this morning…some of them to the newly renovated Jacksonville Middle School.

Since construction work isn’t entirely complete just yet, the school is sending out a number of reminders and tips for dealing with the logistics of the day.

Jacksonville Middle School Principal Beth Brockschmidt says the circle drive in front of the building is not ready for use quite yet, so when dropping off their students, parents are asked to pull alongside the school property, facing north on Lincoln Avenue. She also wants to remind parents not to pull into the parking lot, which is restricted to bus and staff traffic, while dropping off students.

According to Brockschmidt, there are four different ways for student to enter the campus. The first option is to take the sidewalk to the street just before the circle drive, another is at the circle drive entrance itself, the third is to use the steps found directly in front of the main doors, and finally, by entering at the edge of the parking lot entrance. There will be breaks in the orange fencing tape indicating where to find these entry points.

After being dropped off, students are then asked to take the sidewalk to the northeast entrance of the building, with doors opening at around 7:30. Once inside, students will be seated in either the gym or cafeteria.

Once students are ready to be picked up from school, the main parking lot is again reserved for bus traffic only. Principal Brockschmidt says the other pick-up options include parking on the east side of Lincoln Avenue, on Hoagland along school grounds, and on the south side of Sherwood Eddy Drive.

Brockschmidt also wants to remind parents not to park on the west side of Lincoln Avenue to pick up students.