Reports: tornado hit Carrollton

By Gary Scott on May 31, 2015 at 7:23pm

The National Weather Service in St. Louis has confirmed that a tornado touched down in Carrollton over the weekend.

According to preliminary reports, it was an EF-1 tornado with an estimated peak wind of 104 miles per hour, a path width of 200 yard, and a travel distance of 4.75 miles.

The tornado reportedly began at 11:20 p.m. Friday, lasted for about 15 minutes, and went from about three miles southwest of Carrollton to just northeast of the city.

EF1 tornadoes are the second-lowest on the intensity scale, but had the peak wind been seven miles per hour higher, it would’ve been an EF2.

Carol Pryor, a Carrollton resident, describes what she heard Friday night to FOX 2 News St. Louis.

“I heard this sound like a tornado, sounds like a freight train, real loud, and it kept getting louder and it sounded like it was going right down the road,” she says. “And pretty soon, I heard ‘boom’ and then the house shook.”

No severe thunderstorm or tornado warnings or watches were put into place by the National Weather Service.

No injuries were reported.

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