Republican Women’s Club of Morgan County to host Sheriff’s candidates

By Gary Scott on February 27, 2018 at 7:24am

Less than a month away from Election Day and the race for Morgan County Sheriff is starting to heat up.

While most area residents either know or are familiar with the two candidates, Mike Carmody and Chris Johnson, voters will have the chance to become even more familiar with not only the candidates themselves, but the platforms from which they’re running at tonight’s Republican Women’s Club of Morgan County meeting.

The purpose of tonight’s meeting is to allow Morgan County voters to hear both candidates and their respective viewpoints in order for them to form an educated opinion on who to lend support to.

The first to speak at tonight’s meeting will be Carmody, who currently serves as Chief Deputy at the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, where he has spent his entire law enforcement career – one that spans three decades. Johnson will have his turn to speak next. Currently a Lieutenant with the Jacksonville Police Department, Johnson’s experience working for the local police force spans more than twenty years.

Aside from the two Sheriff’s candidates, the Republican Women’s Club of Morgan County is also welcoming Pete Cavanagh, a write-in candidate for Appellate Court Judge for the 4th Judicial District.

The Republican Women’s Club of Morgan County event open to the public. Tonight’s event takes place in the Jacksonville Municipal Building, located at 200 West Douglas, starting at 6 o’clock.