Request of more money from Area Disposal shot down 6-3 by Jax council

By Gary Scott on July 26, 2016 at 12:38pm

Jacksonville aldermen said “no” to a request by the city’s recycling service for a two-percent increase in cost of the contract on Monday night.

Officials with Area Disposal Services said the request stemmed from a shift in commodities prices that made recycling less profitable. A Planning and Public Works Committee meeting earlier this month recommended the two-percent increase, and then reevaluate after the contract ends in 2017.

On Monday, however, Committee chair Bill Scott, Mike Wankel and Aaron Scott voted yes, while Travis Richardson, Steve Warmowski, Jeff Hopkins, Lori Large Oldenettel and Marcy Patterson voted “no”. Tony Williams was absent.

Cook, Richardson, Aaron Scott and Steve Warmowski also serve on the Public Works Committee.

The issue hardly received any attention during the workshop session on Monday, but Large-Oldenettel voted to pull the item from the consent agenda.

“I feel the residents of Jacksonville already pay a substantial amount for their trash service. WIth the research I have done, it is substancially higher than what other municipalities in the area are charging their customers. In Springfield, prices for residents are $11.25 per month and in conversations I have had with Peoria, their residents pay $14 per month. We way $22.79,” says Large-Oldenettel.

Large-Oldenettel expressed concerns about the lack of Jacksonville residents using the service. She feels leadership in the city can do a better job of informing the public about the recycling program.

Bill Scott offers his thoughts.

“Well I voted in favor of it because in committee we as a committee agreed that was the route to go  and that we had a short time to change anything. June of 2017 will end the existing contract with Area Disposal. We thought that coming up with a new plan within 10 months would be more beneficial than trying to rush something through. After thought on it, several council members had a change of thought on it,” notes Scott.

Scott says a committee will need to be formed soon to further discuss the matter.

The city pays about $5,800 monthly for Area Disposal Service to collect recyclables.

It’s estimated about 2,000 residents use curbside recycling.