Restaurant proposal and water service agreements highlight South Jax meetings

By Ryne Turke on November 5, 2015 at 9:43pm

South Jacksonville trustees spent the better part of four hours discussing issues in the village during Thursday night’s monthly meeting.

One of the many topics trustees touched on during the four meetings was the wastewater and emergency water service agreement with the City of Jacksonville.

Village President Steve Waltrip recaps the agreement that trustees approved.

“It is a contract we had through the village. It expired in May and they gave us an extension until this point in time. We don’t have a sewer system, so we use theirs. We got it in place and the fees for another 10 years.”

That wasn’t the only water topic trustees talked about during the Planning and Public Facilities Committee meeting. Waltrip reviewed the discussion trustees held on the potential for an extension of rural water usage for Scott County.

“We pump rural water to Scott County and right now they get up to one-million gallons. They don’t use that much, maybe a couple hundred thousand. They want to increase that amount by another two-million. They are going to need $3-million, because they may possibly have a hog confinement operation that will require more. Should that be the case, we need to be in place to do that. It won’t affect our water whatsoever.”

Due to additional clarification issues, that item was tabled until the December meeting.

A proposition was presented to the trustees for a new restaurant in South Jacksonville. Attorney Tyson Manker spoke on behalf of Al Whewell, who hopes to put the restaurant in front of the South County Cinema.

According to Manker, a proposal has already been sent to the economic development group, which handles the TIF funds. If approved, Whewell plans to have the restaurant up and running by this time next year.

Construction on the restaurant would cost over $1 million and lead to the employment of 30-50 full time jobs.

Trustee Stacy Pinkerton provided an update on the new gazebo being built in Godfrey Park. Due to rainfall over the weekend, construction was put on hold, but is expected to pick up next weekend. The project is being handled by five volunteers, with expenses totaling around $570 for the village.

The village is accepting applications for a pair of jobs: an office treasurer/manager and administrative assistant for the police pepartment. Anyone interested in the positions should contact Village Hall.

Correction made: this story previously said Larry Whewell wanted to open a restaurant. It’s been corrected to Al Whewell.