Robert Gill trial date drawing close

By Ryne Turke on July 23, 2016 at 9:52am

Sixty-one-year-old Robert Gill of Jacksonville, who remains in the Morgan County Jail on three charges of first-degree murder, made a brief 15 minute appearance in Morgan County Court on Friday.

Action was limited, outside of an order to release seized property, which includes computers and phones, to Gill’s wife.

An interesting moment arose when Judge April Troemper asked if both sides were ready to declare a date for the trial.

Gill’s attorney, Scott Hanken, said he was not prepared for that point yet and asked for a pretrial conference on October 21st.

Attorney Charles Colburn, representing the State, countered Hanken’s request by asking for the trial to start on October 21st.

Judge Troemper concluded to grant the continuance on October 21st, but hopes a trial date can be established by that point.

Gill is accused of murdering his former son-in-law in September at the Jacksonville Police Department parking lot.