Rodriguez questions LaHood’s endorsement of Trump

By Ryne Turke on August 3, 2016 at 1:05pm

Eighteenth District Democratic candidate Junius Rodriguez feels Darin LaHood owes an apology to the veterans of Illinois.

During a press conference this morning at the Jacksonville VFW, Rodriguez criticized Lahood for remaining silent while Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, whom he has endorsed, “slanders the honor of Americas finest and attacks the character of grieving parents.

With a week of controversy involving Trump, where he accepted a Purple Heart and criticized the parents of a Muslim-American war hero killed in Iraq, Rodriguez was compelled to speak out.

“The 2016 Presidential race has produced a share of lows, but the behavior we have seen from Donald Trump has been inexcusable. Shame has realized a new low and those who endorse Trump’s efforts are sullied by his behavior. Today we are looking a moment in which character matters. We implore Congressman LaHood to do the right thing. I have no doubt Congressman Darin LaHood is an honorable man. It is to his since of honor that I make this appeal,” says Rodriguez.

According to Rodriguez, a number of prominent Republicans, like former presidential candidate John McCain and House Speaker Paul Ryan, have distanced themselves from Trump this week.

Rodriguez, who identifies himself as a political outsider, noted public officials must understand when “the country takes precedence over political partisanship.”

“These call into question the congressman’s judgement. It seems when it comes to those proverbial grey areas and challenging ethical questions we must all face, his moral compass does not always strike true north. You must ask yourself how much racism will you tolerate, how much sexism is appropriate, how much xenophobia is necessary and how much divisiveness can one stir. It is clear you are backing the wrong candidate,” says Rodriguez.

Rodriguez also detailed the backbone of his campaign, who he is supporting for president and how he plans to win the 18th District as a Conservative Democrat.

To hear the complete press conference, click below.