Routt and Our Saviour softball program adding on to new field

By Gary Scott on December 10, 2016 at 10:43am

Another upgrade is in the work for the Routt Catholic softball field.

For several years, the softball teams of Routt and Our Saviour’s were without their own home field.

Last year, however, through the help of several donations, the local softball programs were able to construct a brand new field on the grounds of the Bob Freesen YMCA.

Jamie Martin, head softball coach for Routt and Our Saviour, says a new addition is now in the works.

“In the original plans, we had poured concrete to eventually build a concession stand, storage and press box area and we had kind of ran out of funds at the time when we finished the field. We’re lucky enough here towards the end of the year to get a couple more donations and basically what we’re doing is building an over-hang over the bleachers to put a press box above the bleachers. Then on the backside of the building will be a concession stand, and on the upper floor will be a storage area that we can use,” says Martin.

Martin has heard plenty of positive feedback from both the Routt community as well as YMCA members.

“All I’ve heard is positives from several people at the Y, it makes it a lot better entrance area to have something there that is new. We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the field itself, we played on it the second half of the high school season and all of the junior high season, and most of the teams coming in, they were very excited, very happy with what we’d done with it. It’s mainly Our Saviour and Routt, but for the YMCA programs, there are times they will use it in the summer for different things also,” Martin explains.

Over the past few years, Routt’s softball teams have used several different fields in the area for games. Now, Martin says, it’s nice for the teams to finally have a field of their own.

“After several years of bouncing from field to field, from one school to the other, from place to place…although all were very generous to let us use places from J.A.B. (Jacksonville Area Baseball), to MacMurray, to Elks field. It was nice and everybody was very friendly about it, but it’s been real nice for us to have a place to call home,” say Martin.

Martin anticipates the concession stand being the final major addition to the facility aside from possible future upgrades to the field itself.