Routt Co-op with Lutheran Approved in a 2nd Vote

By Gary Scott on May 2, 2018 at 3:03pm

A second vote has resurrected the hope that Routt might have a co-op football team this fall.
Members of the Western Illinois Valley Conference schools met today and voted to allow Routt to co-op with Springfield Lutheran to field a football team over the next two years.
The schools voted a couple of weeks ago, and the effort fell one vote short of the 2-thirds majority needed to allow it.
But, a lengthy meeting today changed the vote. Routt athletic director and football coach Heath Wilson offered a sigh of relief.
Wilson says the co-op arrangement must still be approved by all schools in the Western Illinois Valley Conference that participate in all sports.
The next vote will come sometime mid-month, Wilson thought the 14th, and would not involve schools such as Mendon Unity, Beardstown and Griggsville Perry, schools that participate in selected WIVC sports.
Wilson would not reveal the exact count of the vote, which was taken as a silent vote.