Safe Ride Program Back For The Holidays

By Benjamin Cox on December 23, 2016 at 10:24am

West Central Mass Transit is partnering with a local bar to bring back the Safe Ride Program. Dan Kindred, the owner of Don’s Place at 207 West Morgan Street, was one of the founders of the Safe Ride Program in Jacksonville and now has donated funds to bring back the program for the holiday weekends.

You can get a safe ride home in Jacksonville or South Jacksonville for 2 dollars per person per ride. Safe Ride Hours for the Holidays start tonight from 8 pm to 3 am and tomorrow from 4 pm to 8pm. Next weekend Safe ride hours run from 8pm to 3 am on Friday, 7pm to 3 am on New Years Eve and from noon to 3 am on New Years Day.









Kindred says why he felt it was so important to bring back the Safe Ride Program.


Jean Jumper, The Executive Director of West Central Mass Transit, explains how you can get a Safe Ride home.


The Safe Ride Program will only be available for these two Holiday weekends. To make an advanced reservation or for more information contact West Central Mass Transit District at 217-245-2900.