Salvation Army reaches red kettle campaign goal

By Ryne Turke on January 22, 2015 at 1:07pm

The Salvation Army red kettle campaign is winding down and Jacksonville’s captain is sharing the results.

Jacksonville Captain Charles Pinkston was thrilled to reveal that the local red kettle campaign brought in over $73,000, topping the goal of $66,700.

Due to a drop in mail donations from previous years, Pinkston says the holiday fundraising totals are short from the overall goal.

“We actually had a goal of $175,000 overall and right now we are sitting at $143,700,” says Pinkston.

“That is about $31,000 short of the goal we were pushing to get. The good news is we have until January 31 to make up that difference. Anybody who would still like to donate can drop off or mail a donation to us at 331 West Douglass.”

The money raised will go into the Salvation Army’s general fund to buy food, toys, coats and utility assistance for people in the community. As of today, 748 families, which totals nearly 2,500 people, have been impacted by donations from the Jacksonville Salvation Army.

This has been Pinkston’s first year as the Jacksonville Salvation Army Captain and he says the top thing that stood out was the unbelievable amount of volunteers.

“We have had more volunteers in Jacksonville ringing bells than in the four other locations I have been at over the last 15 years combined,” says Pinkston.

“It was amazing because the more volunteers we have, the less people we have to pay to be at those sights. That brings in additional funds and saves us from paying some of those wages.”

Pinkston hopes that increasing the Salvation Army’s presence on social media will boost donations for the next Christmas Campaign.