School Improvement Program days will not be changed

By Benjamin Cox on January 22, 2019 at 4:01pm

A social media post is declaring a change in tactics for Jacksonville School District 117.

Superintendent Steve Ptacek sent a recorded statement out to parents today. He then also offered a transcription of the statement in a social media post. The statement explains the district’s current plans moving forward after more than a foot of snow kept students home from school just one week ago.

In the social media post, Ptacek explained there was no longer a need to consider using the remainder of School Improvement Program days as full school days. He said, “We were worried about missing school for a long period of time. Since we only lost two days of school last week, and this week looks pretty good, we will NOT be turning our scheduled SIP days into full length days. Our scheduled SIP days will remain ‘early-out’ days at this time. We will revisit this issue in the future if needed.”

The next scheduled SIP day for District 117 is Wednesday, January 30th.