Scott-Morgan-Green Water Cooperative among topics to be discussed at city council meeting

By Gary Scott on April 9, 2018 at 7:45am

An easement for a three-county water co-op and a loan from the city’s Revolving Loan Fund for renovating the former Northridge Golf Course look to be the main topics of discussion at tonight’s city council meeting.

As usual, tonight’s action kicks off with the workshop session at 6 p.m. City Council members will hear reports from the Mayor as well as City Attorney Dan Beard. In the Mayor’s report, aldermen will discuss a proposal for services regarding the Jacksonville Municipal Landfill and a vending machine contract at Community Park.

In the City Attorney’s reports, Jacksonville aldermen will discuss an easement for the Scott-Morgan-Greene County Water Cooperative. And subsequently in the regular city council meeting, city council members will vote on a resolution to approve an agreement for the easement with Scott-Morgan-Greene Water Cooperative.

Also during the regular meeting, aldermen will decide whether or not to approve a loan from the Revolving Loan Fund for Rohn Investments Inc. That loan would then be used for improvements and renovations to what was formerly known as Northridge Hills Golf Course.

Another action item on tonight’s agenda is in regards to approving an engineering agreement for the North West Street Water Main Replacement Project.

All of tonight’s action takes place on the second floor of the Jacksonville Municipal Building.