Second-Annual Home and Recreation Show to be held next Saturday at the Morgan County Fairgrounds

By Benjamin Cox on April 13, 2018 at 10:12am

The Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce will be holding its second annual Home and Recreation Show next Saturday the 21st from 9 am until 3 pm in the Merchant Building at the Morgan County Fairgrounds.

Lisa Musch is the President of the Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce. Musch said that after the recent unexpected snow, the Home and Rec show is happening at the perfect time.

Now that the weather has turned a little bit nicer, I think people will be more interested in getting out and attending the show and starting to really think about those things that they like to do to improve their home or make upgrades or add to it, as well as all the recreational activities that come about when the weather’s a little bit nicer.”

The Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce are still accepting applications through the middle of next week for local business owners to exhibit their products and services. Musch gives a few details regarding the display options interested exhibitors have to choose from.

There’s a couple different booth choices. The regular size is $150. They can come and just have a nice display about their services. One of our vendors is bringing windows, he does those doors and windows, you know basically anything to talk about their product and service. And then if you need a little bit bigger booth space, you can have a double space and that’s $250. And those are about 8 foot by 12 foot for the single and 16 feet by 12 feet for the double.”

The Chamber of Commerce has many groups signed up to display their local businesses.

We have businesses coming that will assist with: home decor, lawn services, insurance providers, pool and hot tubs. We also have people coming that can improve your driveway… really just kind of runs the gamut, lots of home improvement and outdoor activities.”

The Chamber of Commerce knows that much like folks who want their homes to grow and evolve, so must the Home and Recreation show to best accommodate such a lively event.

We’re hoping to continue to grow this show. It’s starting out small and last year we did it in the middle of the week and we got feedback from our exhibitors that it would be better on a Saturday. We moved to a little bit bigger venue that provides a little bit more parking and is a little bit more centrally located. So it’s our first year out at the Fairgrounds. Last year it was in March, and we’ve moved it to April. So we hope people will come out and check it out and let us know what they think and what they’d like to see.”

The address for the Merchant Building at the Fairgrounds is 110 North Westgate Avenue.