Senate passes McCann’s bill to help disabled find employment

By Gary Scott on May 26, 2017 at 12:16pm

It could become easier for Illinoisans with disabilities to find employment thanks to a local Senator’s bill that passed the Senate yesterday.

The Illinois Senate passed Senate Bill 1453, a piece of legislation filed by Senator Sam McCann that will re-launch a government program that helps people with mental and physical disabilities find employment.

In a statement released yesterday, McCann said, “I believe we have a duty to help people who simply want to work and contribute to our society but are struggling to overcome severe disabilities.”

Several years ago, the 98th General Assembly repealed a supported employee program that helped individuals with severe physical and mental disabilities find jobs within state government. McCann’s bill would create a new version of the program that would put disabled persons in positions that are advantageous for their individual strengths.

The legislation also ensures that current employees and their positions will not be negatively impacted by the hiring of supported employees.

McCann says the bill will “help them find good-paying work at little-to-no cost to the taxpayers,” and called it “a win-win for everyone.”

The bill is now headed to the Illinois House for consideration.