Serious Lip Balm forms local partnership to meet growing demand

By Ryne Turke on November 12, 2016 at 8:42am

Jacksonville’s favorite lip balm company is enlisting the services of Elm City Center to help meet the companies growing product demand.

Serious Lip Balm is serious about lip balm… seriously. Khara Koffel and Megan Luckey started the company in November 2014 as a way to make simple gifts for friends in the community.

Within weeks the duo began producing their all-natural lip balms, healing balms and holiday gifts in bulk. Koffel describes the last two years as “a wild ride.”

“The current state of Serious Lip Balm is like a roller coaster we are holding onto with both hands. In the last six months we’ve gone from 12 retailers to 33. We are really excited about it,” says Koffel.

In an effort to help with the production process, Serious Lip Balm began a partnership with Elm City Center. Koffel says the three-month union has been fantastic.

“We really needed help labeling, specifically just putting labels on the tube and a safety seal. That kind of process can take up a lot of time for us. It keeps us from being able to make more and talk to people. We started paying Elm City for this and it was just miraculous. It took a huge burden off us and we were able to keep part of the process local. Recently they have started manufacturing some balms and we’ve stepped up our interactions with them,” says Koffel.

You can find Serious Lip Balm products in Jacksonville at Passavant Area Hospital Gift Shop, County Market and Soap Co. Coffee House. Serious Lip Balm is also sold in Springfield, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.

Any businesses looking to stock up on Serious Lip Balm products can found out more information at or on the Serious Lip Balm Facebook page.