Sewer ordinance and marijuana facility approved in South Jax

By Ryne Turke on November 7, 2014 at 7:13am

South Jacksonville board of trustee members approved a sewer rate increase last night, but the price wasn’t as costly as expected.

Starting on January 1, sewer prices in the village will go up $10 a month. Originally the price was estimated to be an increase of $15 a month for village residents, but Mayor Gordon Jumper says the price was changed after a long discussion at the most recent committee meeting.

“The trustees were of the view that a $15 increase, which is a 100 percent increase, was a little substantial for customers to have to absorb at one time,” says Jumper.

Jumper says the sewer rates will go up five dollars for the next three years to ease the burden of village residents with fixed incomes.

Another action item on the agenda focused on repairs at the sewer lift station on Hardin Avenue. Jumper says the building suffered around $145,000 in damages from extensive lightning strikes this summer.

“We’ve been working with the insurance company and the adjuster for the last three months to get the vendor and work approved,” says Jumper. “The insurance company has approved us so that we can pay the contractor. I wanted to get the contractor approved so we could get the construction done.”

Board members also approved 1985 Woods Drive, South of the Village, as an acceptable location for a possible medical marijuana facility.

“We are the alternate location and we hope we get selected because it is a great opportunity,” says Jumper. “They are proposing a fairly substantial and highly secure facility. We believe this is cutting edge technology.”

Harvest Med Facility President Joe Zander was at the meeting and indicated the determination on the facility won’t be made until the end of the year.

In other business last night, it was announced that the final steps of the South East Street extension will be presented at the Plan Commission meeting, which takes place on November 13.

Several changes will take place over the next month at the South Jacksonville Police Department. Officer Rob Headen will be resigning from the police department as of November 28th.

Taking his place will be Scott Fitzgerald, who has worked with both the Winchester Police Department and Scott County Sheriff’s Department. Jennifer Wilson was appointed as the new administrative assistant at the police department. She will take over on November 14.

Wilbur German was hired as the new building inspector and will take over on November 27.

The Toys for Tots program will be held at the South Jacksonville Village Hall for the next several weeks. Anyone interested in donating to the program is asked to bring a new and unwrapped toy.