Six people behind bars as result of Greene County drug investigation

By Gary Scott on January 24, 2018 at 12:41pm

Through multiple Greene County law enforcement agencies working together, six people have been apprehended for alleged drug charges.

Starting last Thursday, local authorities began serving arrest warrants for several individuals for alleged drug activity as a result of an ongoing investigation in Greene County.

Working together in the investigation, a number of Greene County law enforcement agencies arrested 23-year old Jacob Edwards, of Greenfield, on a warrant for two counts of alleged delivery of meth; 21-year old Robert Talkington, of White Hall, on a warrant for one count of alleged delivery of a controlled substance; 41-year old Terrance Knapp, of Hillview, on a warrant for two counts of alleged delivery of a controlled substance, and 31-year old Amber Abbott. Also arrested was 28-year old William Jacinto, of White Hall, on a warrant for two counts of alleged delivery of a controlled substance, and 37-year old Tina Ramsey, of Carrrollton, on a warrant for alleged delivery of a controlled substance.

Greene County Sheriff Rob McMillen says most of those arrests came as a result of an investigation dating back to last year.

“Most of the arrests that were made last week and over the weekend were the result of some an investigation that was conducted last year. We did some undercover drug buys from several individuals throughout Greene County during 2017 and once that investigation kind of wrapped up we filed our report to the State’s Attorney’s Office and sought warrants for the buys that were made last year,” says McMillen.

McMillen explains what the various allegations these individuals were arrested for.

“The buys generally were methamphetamine and heroin and other controlled substances that we bought from the different individuals through undercover agents. It pretty much spanned all areas of Greene County, not one particular area was part of it, it was different communities in Greene County that the investigation was conducted in,” McMillen says.

He also discusses how the sheriff’s department worked with other Greene County authorities throughout the investigation.

“It’s the practice of the sheriff’s department to include the agencies that the buys are going to be conducted in. So if the buy is going down in Roodhouse or White Hall, we involve their officers as participating in the investigation. Then once the investigation was completed and the warrants were sought, we pulled all the officers in and got all the county law enforcement officers to participate in looking for the individuals and making the arrest,” says McMillen.

McMillen says that while each of the arrests are being treated as individual cases, many of the suspects had some degree of connection.  Additional arrests could be made as authorities attempt to locate more suspects.