South Jacksonville Approves Separation of IT Services

By Benjamin Cox on January 6, 2017 at 1:11pm

The South Jacksonville Board of Trustees approved the separation of the Village Hall’s computer IT services from that of the South Jacksonville Police Department.

While the computer systems have always been separate, the IT services of Village Hall and The Police Department will now be separate as well.









Joshua Hallock, the Chief of the South Jacksonville Police Department says that the change was necessary to stay in compliance with new federal guidelines.


Hallock explains that separating the Village Hall and Police Departments IT services will provide additional security.


The Village Board also approved a new service agreement with West Central Joint ETSB. Hallock explains what the West Central Joint ETSB is and why it is important that the agreement was passed.


The Village Board will meet again on Wednesday January the 11th , in the Village Hall Board Room, for the State of the Village, City and County.