South Jacksonville Board Hears Update On the Water Meter Program

By Benjamin Cox on March 3, 2017 at 4:41am

The South Jacksonville Board of Trustees received an update on the Water Meter Program last night at their regularly scheduled meeting. The South Jacksonville Public Works Department is about a third of the way through replacing old water meters with new computerized ones.

John Green, The Superintended of the Public Works Department says the new meters can be read electronically.

“When you pay your water bill, you are paying for water use two months ago, because we read it, then at the end of that month, it gets posted, then it is due the next month. We don’t have the man power to read it on the 31st and then have your bills out to you by the 1st, to be due by the 15th. With the new program, we can read it from the computer. It will download it, bill it, and still send it out by the first. That will have you paying for the water you have just used that month.”

The Board was also supposed to vote on an ordinance establishing rules for golf cart and off highway vehicles, but Trustee Kem Wilson moved to table that vote, until the next meeting.

Wilson explains why she made the motion to delay and action.

“We have not had any further discussions at all. No committee meetings, no phone calls, no anything prior to this being on the agenda that was presented to us on Tuesday. We opened it up, and I saw it on there and I’m like ‘What!’ We haven’t had any discussion, no committee meetings, no anything about it, no phone calls, nothing. Therefore, I feel like we need to discuss it.”

The Board did authorize payments last night from the TIF Special Tax Allocation Fund and payments from the Tourism Fund.