South Jacksonville looks into codifying ordinances

By Gary Scott on October 5, 2016 at 11:54am

South Jacksonville Trustees are aiming to codify the Village’s ordinances, and they’re looking to do it sooner rather than later.

The Planning and Public Facilities Committee met last night to discuss several items, one of which was ordinance codification, which most agreed needed to be taken care of in the near future.

Trustee Kem Wilson gives her thoughts on the issue.

“Our ordinances are so out of order and so outdated. We have no transparency, if you want to try to find something with the ordinances, it takes a long time. We definitely need to look into codifying them, getting them in order so everyone can see them. Again you don’t need a FOIA to get them, so anybody can, if they need to look it up, they can look it up easily. We would have it online as well as you could come in and look at it in our office as well,” says Wilson.

Wilson and the rest of the trustees entertained the idea of bringing in several different companies to help with the process.

“I would like to have several companies come and give us estimates. I would like to see four or five different companies to come in and give us an estimate and then we could have that to go by, then we could vote on it to move forward with it. Definitely the sooner we get started on this the better because it is a process and it will take a fair amount of time to get going so I’d like to see us act on this right away,” Wilson says.

Other items discussed included upgrades to the village board room, installing a new lift station pump near Hardin Avenue and updates on the water meter and gazebo.