South Jacksonville mini golf course set to open April 30th

By Ryne Turke on April 20, 2016 at 7:42am

Plans are in motion to bring a mini golf course to South Jacksonville.

Robyn Bland, owner of Robyn’s Drive-In, tells WLDS-WEAI News the nine hole course will be located right next to her food and ice cream shop at 2209 South Main.

Bland says a putt-putt course is something the community has always been lacking.

“I like putt putt golf and it seems like the only place to do it is Springfield. I thought maybe this might be something for the kids to do and everybody else,” says Bland.

Bland has hired outside help to construct the putt-putt course, but notes she isn’t stopping at nine holes.

“Later on I’m going to put 18 holes in. I’m going to have other games for them to play, a big sandbox for the kids and other activities,” says Bland.

Bland says she brought the topic up to South Jacksonville trustees in February, who supported her effort to bring a new and exciting business into the village.

Bland hopes to have the course open for business by the end of the month.