South Jacksonville Police Chief Reinstated

By Benjamin Cox on March 2, 2017 at 8:49pm

South Jacksonville Police Chief Josh Hallock was placed on administrative leave without pay over a month ago. According to Tyson Manker, an Attorney for Chief Hallock, the Chief has now been reinstated.

“I received a call from Mayor Waltrip and he informed me that Chief Joshua Hallock has been reinstated as Chief, with full back pay, for the period of time that he was on administrative leave, without pay.”

Manker says Chief Hallock was placed on leave, after an approved training session at the South Jacksonville Village Hall.

“This all has to do with a ‘wet lab’ training that took place at Village Hall and is a way for officers to be trained accurately to detect inebriated and intoxicated drivers. It was approved in every way, shape, and form. At some point someone got bent out of shape, and perpetrated to basically attack the Chief.”

While not much is known about the circumstances of the training or the reasoning behind the Chief being placed on leave, Manker says the facts we do know of the case, speak for themselves.

“There was nothing to this. This was a non issue from the start. I think the fact that Chief Hallock has been reinstated with back pay, speaks for itself. That doesn’t happen when someone does wrong. I think the facts speak for themselves.”

Manker says he is glad that the issue is resolved, though he believes it never should have happened in the first place.