South Jacksonville school put on “soft lockdown”

By Gary Scott on November 14, 2014 at 11:29am

District 117 Superintendent Steve Ptacek says South Jacksonville Elementary was placed on a “soft lockdown” this morning after a child allegedly brought a toy gun to school.

Ptacek says another student reported that the toy gun had been brought to school at around 8:15. He says principal and staff immediately launched an investigation, which included the South Jacksonville Police Department.

“A thorough search was completed and the toy gun was found. South Jacksonville Police agree that at no time were any of our students in jeopardy,” says Ptacek.

”I gotta thank South Jacksonville Police, South [Elementary] staff and [South principal Kelly] Zoellner for placing student safety as a top priority, and they handled this matter extremely well.”

Ptacek says the school went back to a standard operating schedule after police left at around 10:45. He says there could be disciplinary measures handed out.

“The school district will be looking at its handbook with disciplining the student or students,” he says. “The disruption to the school is definitely something we take seriously when it comes to student behavior.”

Soft lockdown is where the school locks the doors, but instruction continues. Hard lockdowns are put in place if there’s an active shooter or intruder, according to Ptacek.

The superintendent couldn’t say what grade the student was in or why the student brought the item to school.